Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Beast

I currently organise 4 trail/adventure races throughout the year, with the 1st one, The Beast, fast approaching next Sunday 26th. You can tell it's nearly race time as the house is full of boxes. Boxes of prizes, boxes of t shirts, boxes of barrier tape, boxes of rosettes, boxes of goody bag stuff (which has to kept out of reach of Fat Fur aka Albert as he's particularly keen on 9Bars), boxes, boxes, aaargh.
Boxes and lists. Lists of entrants, lists of marshals, lists of stuff still be collected/delivered, lists, lists, aaargh.

In between the boxes and lists, my training's been getting steadily on track with some good long runs, increasing speed sessions, and bastard circuits, so all good. We're heading off to the Lakes the weekend following The Beast, with the Fairy, with Dave having a look at Leg 2 of the Babs Graham, Fairy looking at another section of the L50 and me and Fat Fur running around Blencathra valley one day and then popping up (yeah, really) Steel Fell on Sunday.

Right, must have another list to make...