Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Guts no Glory

Bit quiet on the blogging front but it's been busy busy, so a quick round up. I was talked into entering the Buff Lightning 12hr race by Bobberty, so I talked Ant and the Fairy into entering as a  mixed team. My calf has been playing up with recurring Compartment Syndrome so I hadn't done a lot of mileage, and had resorted to buying some 2XU calf guards (which seem to help with the swelling) and running along the Grantham canal, which is dull as dishwater but my calfs wouldn't do any incline without exploding. So, off we went to the Buff 12hr thingy with me just trying for a training run, not expecting my calf to play.
The race starts at 6am with the clocks going forward that morning. I felt a bit shaky and generally rubbish but put it down to not sleeping too well. The race is 10k laps with some nice hills and woods thrown in, normally I would have liked it. After 1 lap I still felt crap, on the 3rd lap I was sick and wanted to stop; Dave talked me into carrying on, although I did lie down for about 15 mins. 4th and 5th laps were like the dawn of the dead and by the 6th I'd decided to call it a day. Found out later that Dave felt the same, sick and shaky, so came to the conclusion that we'd given ourselves food poisoning the night before as we ate differently to everyone else. 

On the plus side, Bobberty ran a stormer! 1st Male Solo in a new course record, he was rocking! Ant and the Fairy also played a blinder finishing 1st Mixed Team! So not all bad...