Monday, 16 January 2012

Peaks Jogging and Coughing

Headed over to Edale on Sunday planning on running the 1st 12 or so miles of the HPM to Cutthroat Bridge and back. Frost and ice and beautiful skies. Hollins Cross, Lose Hill and Win Hill bagged then down to Parkin Clough.

With me coughing my guts up we decided to not head over to Cutthroat and ran about in the woods below Win Hill, finding new trails, surprising peeing mtb-ers...
We ended up by the reservoir, now what's this, a giant plug hole? 


  1. gorgeous photos! are you poorly or suffering with the cold air? ok, spill the beans; team name and members please.

  2. Chest infection, yuck, now on antibiotics. No beans to spill, haven't entered, just having a run about. Fairy, Ant, George and Gerry entered but didn't get in, v disappointed.

    1. oh, that's a shame. i thought you were part of some uber team. was talking to fairy about it at the rab, trying to convince her that a female only team is the way to get in....what with ant's hair and all ;)

      get well soon.

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