Monday, 22 August 2011

Rugby Rover

Yesterday Team Prior headed off to the Rugby Rover trail race; Dave running, Albert and I cheering and beering. Dave and I both ran it last year, 18 miles, 2350 ish ft ascent, hills, woods, fast, rocky descents. It's a great race.
The runners set off at 9.30am whilst Albert and I had a jog down the first couple of miles, paddled in the river (that'd be Albert not me), back to Mrs Um for a snooze, spied loads of  over ripe damsons and pears all over the car park so picked up a box full for my mate Colin the Pig (actual pig, large, gorgeous kune kune), chatted to a few folk and then the cheering began. Quite hard work this support crew lark.

Anyhoo, Dave finished safe and sound, complete with cuts and bruises after a spectacular fall. Cider and chips eased the pain...

The race is sponsored by the lovely Amanda and Andrew Heading of Race Kit who supply all manner of ultra running, adventure type kit. Amanda is also my brilliant Sports Therapist. She really knows her stuff, and being a very good ultra runner herself, she's completed various amazing races including MdS, UTMB, Atacama Crossing and not least the BG! Can't recommend her enough so if you're in the Nottingham or Matlock areas look her up.


  1. nice one dave! 'cheering and beering' brilliant, that's what support shall now be called :)

  2. I think this is a mos excellent idea Kate, Cheering and beering is born, thanks to team Prior.. haha